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Special Sales

Harmon's Agate & Silver would like to offer  specials at special reduced prices with free shipping.



     Gorgeous purple sapphire in a handmade sterling silver setting

             Regular price $550.00 SALE $440.00 size 7

Gorgeous blue sapphire in a handmade sterling silver setting        

Regular price $550.00 SALE $440.00 size 7









                Montana Agate sterling silver bracelet

              Regular price $375.00 SALE $$300.00


                                          Montana agate hand carved fish

                                       Regular price $450.00SALE $360.00



            Montana agate carved fish on a crystal base

               Regular price $850.00 SALE $680.00


    Agate beaded necklace with an agate carving backed with 14k gold and an orange sapphire

                                  Regular price $3,200.00 SALE $$2,560.00